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Kaspersky Enterprise Products

Responding to your current and future IT security needs with our unique stage-by-stage approach.
Security Foundations
The fundamental stage for organizations of any size and infrastructure complexity to block the most threats automatically
Endpoint protection
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business
Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security
Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security
Network protection
Kaspersky Security for Mail Server
Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway

Optimum Security
Enables smaller cybersecurity teams to tackle even threats that bypass automatic prevention – with a resource-conscious solution that builds-up organically from Security Foundations

Visibility and response
Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Optimum
Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response
Advanced protection
Kaspersky Sandbox
Detection enrichment
Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal
Kaspersky Security Awareness
Kaspersky Adaptive Online Training

Expert Security
A comprehensive defensive approach for any enterprise with mature IT security to counter the most complex cyberattacks, including Advanced Persistent Threats

Extended detection and response
Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response
Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform
Kaspersky Threat Intelligence

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