Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security

Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security

Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security: Safeguarding Your Digital Transformation Journey

Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security is your trusted partner in securing the dynamic landscape of modern business. As organizations embrace digital transformation, cloud adoption becomes a critical component. Our comprehensive solution ensures that your hybrid environment – spanning physical, virtual, and private cloud workloads – remains resilient against cyber threats. Let’s delve into the details:

Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security offers multi-layered threat protection, cost-efficient licensing, platform-agnostic design, and regulatory compliance support. With one product for all your cloud security needs, one license for all workloads, and one console to manage your entire hybrid infrastructure, security becomes one less thing to worry about. Focus on your digital transformation journey while we keep your data safe and efficient.


Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security: Your Shield in the Cloud

Best-of-Breed Protection

Our cloud-native security solution proactively fights the broadest range of cyberattacks, including malware, phishing, and more. With Kaspersky, you get the peace of mind that your critical workloads are shielded from evolving threats.

Cost-Efficient Approach

Flexible licensing models and a unified cloud console streamline costs and save labor hours. We understand the value of your security budget, and our solution ensures optimal utilization.

Optimum Security Performance

Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security provides outstanding protection without compromising the benefits of virtualization and cloud-based operations. Whether it’s VMWare vSphere, Microsoft HyperV, Citrix Hypervisor, or other platforms, we’ve got you covered.

Regulatory Compliance Support

Stay compliant with cybersecurity regulations effortlessly. Our features reduce manual tasks, ensuring adherence without hassle.

Best performance

Light agents optimized for each OS efficiently reduce consumption of virtualization resources by as much as 30%.

Dedicated solution

The product supports a wide range of server virtualization and VDI platforms, including VMWare vSphere, Microsoft HyperV, Citrix Hypervisor and more.

Smart optimizations

A number of optimizations – including shared cache which shares the results of file scans – decrease the amount of data and the number of operations involved, minimizing the overall load on your IT infrastructure by dramatically reducing IOPS, CPU cycles, memory usage, and disk footprints.

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Feature Details
Threat Protection Multi-layered defense against malware, phishing, and other cyber threats
Licensing Model Flexible licensing for all workloads
Platform Compatibility Supports Windows, Linux, and major cloud providers (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud)
Compliance Features Helps meet regulatory requirements
Console Management Unified console for seamless control
Performance Optimization Light agents optimized for resource efficiency
Integration with DevOps Secures the full software development lifecycle
Support 24/7 technical assistance and updates

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises?
    • Absolutely! Our solution scales to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes.
  2. Can I manage my entire hybrid infrastructure from a single console?
    • Yes, our unified console simplifies management across diverse workloads.
  3. Does Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security impact virtualization performance?
    • No, our smart optimizations ensure minimal resource consumption.
  4. What compliance standards does it support?
    • Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security aligns with various regulations, including GDPR and HIPAA.
  5. How quickly can I deploy it?
    • Installation is straightforward, and our support team is ready to assist.
  6. Can I integrate it with my existing security tools?
    • Yes, our solution seamlessly integrates with your ecosystem.
  7. What about updates and patches?
    • Regular updates keep your security up-to-date.
  8. Is there a trial version available?
    • Yes, explore our 30-day free trial.
  9. How does it handle container security?
    • Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security extends protection to containers and DevOps environments.
  10. What if I need assistance during implementation?
    • Our support team is available round the clock.

Why Choose Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security?

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: Protects your entire hybrid infrastructure.
  2. Efficiency: Streamlined management and resource optimization.
  3. Regulatory Confidence: Ensures compliance with industry standards.
  4. Proven Performance: Trusted by businesses worldwide.


  1. “Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security has transformed our cloud security approach. It’s robust, easy to manage, and provides peace of mind.”
  2. “The flexibility of licensing and the unified console make Kaspersky a winner for our organization.”
  3. “Five stars! Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security delivers on its promises.”


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