Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense

Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense

Risk mitigation in an era of digital transformation

Digital transformation raises the stakes for IT security. To achieve competitive advantages and maintain customer and partner loyalty, your organization must protect business continuity and implement reliable protection for critical assets, corporate data and the entire IT infrastructure. This means moving your IT security strategy to a new level.

Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense delivers a unique combination of leading technologies and services to support the implementation of an Adaptive Security Strategy – helping your security team to prevent attacks, rapidly detect unique new threats, respond swiftly and accurately to live incidents, and predict future threats.

Effectively PREVENT threats

Hardening systems and increasing awareness of overall cybersecurity risk is the first step to efficient automation and effective protection.

Rapidly DETECT breaches before damage occurs

The ability to detect new and unique threats (malicious and non-malware) is key to cybersecurity maturity.

RESPOND comprehensively to incidents

A rapid, centralized and human-guided reaction to even the most sophisticated threats is vital to effective incident management.

PREDICT future cyberthreats

Comparing the results of internal investigations with up-to-date threat intelligence facilitates the accurate prediction and countering of potential future threats.

Suitable For

Kaspersky’s understanding of the inner workings of some of the world’s most sophisticated threats has enabled us to develop a strategic portfolio of technologies and services capable of delivering a fully integrated, adaptive security approach to sectors including:

Independent tests

Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform
ICSA Labs: Advanced Threat Defense test
Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform
SE Labs Breach Response Test: AAA Awards
Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response
MITRE Evaluated: APT 29 Round 2


Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform and Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response
Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Endpoint Detection & Response, 2020
Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform and Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response
Radicati APT Protection Market Quadrant 2020

In Use

Comprehensive defenses for your organization

Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense, a specialized solution for superior defense against complex threats and targeted attacks, comprises the Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform with Kaspersky EDR at its core, together with a range of Kaspersky Cybersecurity Services. The solution can be integrated into your current corporate strategy addressing complex threats, complementing existing protection technologies and supporting interaction with your SIEM/SOC. The result is a holistic approach to protecting your business from targeted attacks, lowering your risk and reducing direct losses from cyber-incidents.

  • Strengthen your Security Operations Center

    To fight the most sophisticated contemporary cyberthreats, and to adapt to ongoing challenges in a changing threat environment, your Security Operations Center (SOC) should be equipped with advanced technologies, powered with threat intelligence and staffed by professionals equipped with all the necessary knowledge and expertise. The result is a full cycle of defenses against the most complex, APT-like attacks and targeted campaigns. Within the framework of Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense, we offer a complete arsenal of advanced defense technologies and services to boost the effectiveness of your SOC.

    Choose your ideal balance of technologies and services

    Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense offers a powerful combination of security products, support and services. To boost your team’s expertise, Kaspersky also offers a range of skills training programs, as well as threat intelligence data with which to enrich internal investigation results. Our Managed Detection and Response Service means your IT-security resources can be conserved by offloading incident-related processing tasks to us, or looking to Kaspersky to provide expert judgements and unique threat hunting expertise. Whatever your business needs now or in the future in terms of IT security – we have the solution.


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