Download Kaspersky Security Cloud Free application

Download Kaspersky Security Cloud Free application

Are you looking for information on Kaspersky anti-virus and the new Windows version that come preinstalled with it? I assume you’re looking for the same information I was looking for when I purchased my system. The good thing about this anti-virus software is that it’s not expensive like some of the others on the market today. It also comes with a trial version to use before purchasing. If you want more advanced features you can pay for them but for me the ease of use wins out every time.

There are different price points for each package. If you need more than five computers you can contact Kaspersky for more than five systems. There is however no extra free item in this anti-virus product line. But an old freebie, Kaspersky anti-virus free, has been repacked as Kaspersky Security Cloud Free and is available now for free to anyone who purchases the software.

When I say real-time protection what I’m referring to is protection against viruses and malware. Kaspersky Lab has taken an existing program and added in some new features. You will get the protection you expect with their anti-virus program, plus they have included a few other neat features in order to round it out. You will get the virus protection you expect with Kaspersky Security Suite, plus they have added some other features that are great if you like to do a little online protection. The biggest feature is probably the ability to update the anti-virus database whenever you choose to. This makes your protection updates pretty automatic and you don’t have to remember when you back up your files or when the computer security scan is due.

Title:Kaspersky Security Cloud Free for WindowsRequirements:

  • Windows 10

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free application PROS

  • Perfect or near-perfect scores from four independent testing labs
  • Effective ransomware protection
  • Very good score in our phishing protection test
  • Good scores in our malware-blocking test
  • Support for Android and iOS
  • Free

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free application CONS

  • No direct tech support
  • Features for iOS limited


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