Kaspersky Kids Safety Online: Parental Control and How to Protect Your Kids Online

Kaspersky Kids Safety Online: Parental Control and How to Protect Your Kids Online

Watch over your children, even when you’re not around

Protect your kids online and offline with award-winning parental controls. Get flexible tools that help you safeguard their activities, monitor their behavior and teach them self-control. Our tools let you:

  • Block access to inappropriate or harmful content
  • Set screen time limits per child, per device
  • Track your kids’ location with GPS
Compatible with:
  • Windows®
  • macOS®
  • Android™
  • iOS®

Protect your kids when they’re out of your sightGPS tracking

Locate your kids wherever they go. Plus set a safe area for them to stay in & get alerted if they leave it.
  • Track & pinpoint your kids’ whereabouts 24/7 on a digital map inside your app
  • Set an area you want your kids to stay in – and get notified if they step outside it

Screen-time controls

Manage your kids’ screen time per day, per device to fit their schedule & your style of parenting
  • Set a permitted number of hours of screen time per day & block the device if the limit is reached
  • Stop devices being used during specific time slots, like when your child should be doing homework

Website and App filters

Block adult content and customize a list of sites and apps your child can only visit with your permission.
  • Block access to age-inappropriate apps and websites using categories like gambling, violence, or weapons
  • Limit app use by time & create a list of apps your kids need your permission to open

YouTube Safe Search

View your kids’ YouTube search history & stop them searching for inappropriate adult topics.
  • Monitor your kids’ YouTube searches to ensure their online habits are healthy
  • Block search requests against harmful adult topics like alcohol, tobacco & gambling

Setting up Kaspersky Safe Kids is easy

Install on kid’s devices
Create My Kaspersky account
Install on your device
To download the app on any of your kids’ devices, open this link: kas.pr/kids & click the button below.
Once installed, select “Child” mode.

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