Kaspersky Protection extension in Google Chrome

Kaspersky Protection extension in Google Chrome

Make sure the Kaspersky Protection extension is enabled in your browser.

Kaspersky Protection is added to your browser automatically after the installation of the Kaspersky lab application. When you open the browser for the first time after the installation of the Kaspersky Lab application, the browser will show you the notification prompting to enable the Kaspersky Protection extension. If you skipped this notification, you can enable the extension in the browser settings. See the guide for your browser below.

Browsers that support the Kaspersky Protection extension:

  • Microsoft Edge based on Chromium 77.x–96.x and later*
  • Mozilla Firefox 52.x–95.x or later*
  • Mozilla Firefox ESR 52.x, 60.x, 68.x, 78.x, 91.x or later*
  • Google Chrome 48.x–96.x or later

Manage protection right in your browser window

The extension helps you manage protection without distracting you from what you’re doing. It lets you access the protection management features right in your browser window. The set of features the extension helps you with depends on your subscription plan. Safe Money protects your data from interception when you make online payments. In some cases, the extension speeds up and enhances its work. Private Browsing informs you when websites are collecting your data and lets you restrict them if you want. It’s much easier and faster from the extension menu. Anti-Banner blocks annoying pop-up ads on websites. With the extension turned on, it can detect and block even more banner types. Safe Browsing prevents you from visiting dangerous websites. Empowered with the extension, it notifies you of its work in a more convenient and timely manner in some cases.

How to install the extension in Google Chrome

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Kaspersky Standard 3 User

Kaspersky Internet Security 1 User

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